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Discover a new approach to the Mail Room.

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Most mail rooms rely heavily on manual activities which can be costly and open to errors. Ricoh offers a smart alternative with a customised service ranging from traditional receipt management through to advanced screening and integration with other core business document services, including the print room.  Ricoh mail room services form part of Ricoh’s Managed Document Services, and Ricoh can also offer:

In addition, Ricoh can provide a number of advanced services including mail room design, mail fulfilment, digital mail room and contract and supplier management.

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  • Blue and white chart demonstrating progress over time.
    Yönetilen Belge Hizmetleri

    Find out all you need to know about how we can help you optimise the use of information in your organisation.

  • Woman in an office looking out a window.
    Print Room

    Solutions to grow print operations, productivity and profitability.

  • A close up handshake.
    Enterprise Printing

    Connect, centralise and control high volume document output across an organisation

  • Red Building
    Data Centre

    Streamline transactional document output with our data centre solutions.

  • Commercial print colour swatch book fanned
    CRD/ Baskı Odası

    Everything you need. In-house and on-demand.

  • Commercial print coloured paper folded into loops.
    Posta odası

    Merging mail and print rooms to deliver 30% savings.

  • Office building and sun.
    Scanning and Archiving

    Tracking, finding and processing documents just got more efficient. And we can offer more capabilities than ever - and they’re all managed in-house.

  • Man Reaching For Green Folder
    Çeşitli Verilerin Basımı

    Customise print, improve workflow efficiency, master mass personalisation all in-house.

  • Green Chairs In A Circle
    Dijital Posta Odası

    Enhance business efficiency and gain more control over processes, from scanning inbound mail, through accurate classifying and accessible indexing (OCR), delivery, records management, to secure destruction.

  • Blue chart on a mobile device.
    Döküman Yönetimi

    Simplify management, monitoring and control of your document infrastructure for maximised efficiency and significantly reduced costs.

  • Man sitting at a desk drawing plans.
    Project Management

    Transforming business transactions and customer interactions through specialist expertise and end to-end delivery with internationally recognised project management standards.

  • Man in an office looking forward.
    Delivery, Installation and Configuration

    Maximising connectivity across your business processes.

  • Man with model paper wind turbines
    Maintance, Support and Management

    Ensuring availability of your document resources, maximizing uptime whilst reducing operational costs.

  • Group of people in a meeting.

    Make the most of your document resources by empowering your employees.

  • Green leaf.
    Sürdürülebilirlik Optimizasyonu

    Learn more about the first end-to-end printing sustainability optimisation service leading to zero carbon footprint during the in-use phase.

  • Long grass under a blue sky.
    Eko Teknoloji

    Continued innovation produces firsts in ecology and technology.

  • Solar panels and a wind farm under a blue sky.
    Certified Pre Owned Equipment

    Learn more about Ricoh's range of certified pre-owned multi-functional products.


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