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Beepag becomes first Italian adopter of Ricoh Pro™ T7210 to extend the range of services offered

Ricoh Europe, London, 17 May 2018 – Italian graphics and printing services specialist Beepag has invested in the country’s first Ricoh Pro T7210 UV flatbed solution to enable it to respond to new market opportunities with print speeds up to 100 square metres per hour. The Greenguard certified system will support its visual communication, cardboard, Point of Purchase (PoP) and industrial decoration services.

Beepag becomes first Italian adopter of Ricoh Pro™ T7210 to extend the range of services offered
Left to right: Danieli Carino, Inkjet Sales Manager, Ricoh Italy, Matteo Pinzauti, Beepag owner and Graham Kennedy, Ricoh Europe.

Founded in 2014, Beepag continually invests in technological innovation that provides complete and customised production services, from the creative idea to the finished product.  The young and dynamic Florentine operation has recently enjoyed rapid growth. Key to that was a Ricoh Pro™ L4100 large format latex system for wallpaper and promotional items for retail and store outfitting with Ricoh as a full partner. 
Beepag decided now was the time to expand its installed fleet with a solution for new printing applications on rigid materials as Matteo Pinzauti, owner of the company, explains: “We have always appreciated the quality of Ricoh technologies and the efficiency of the service. After a careful analysis of the flatbed technologies available on the market, we decided to renew our trust in Ricoh by choosing the Pro T7210. We particularly liked its flexibility and the fact it can print beyond the market standard of 5cm thickness for media and handle media up to 11 cm - including wood, aluminum, glass, Plexiglas and cardboard.”

Now Beepag can print doors and other furnishing components, as well as cardboard applications – enabled by the fixed suction plate - and on Forex used for visual communication, paper converting and PoP. A deciding factor, too, was Ricoh’s resistant and odourless inks that are suited to interior applications and direct contact with the public. Pinzauti adds: “We have many ideas about what we can offer our clients and we are convinced that Ricoh technology allows us to make a difference."
Graham Kennedy, Head of Commercial Inkjet Business, Commercial & Industrial Printing Group, Ricoh Europe, comments: “Beepag is a highly ambitious operation committed to finding new ways to further support its varied client base. We are delighted that it decided the Ricoh Pro T7210 was the right solution to help it achieve that and we look forward to helping it expand its market reach.”

The Ricoh Pro T7210 can be seen in action at FESPA (Berlin, 15-18 May 2018) and at Print4All (Milan 29 May-1 June 2018). 

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